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Daily BLOG

I am Jennifer Housen and I have revived this site I started in 2009 in order to foster a close relationship and community with my classmates of the Class of 1982.  The idea was to work towards a Reunion. Time did not permit.  I am fortunate to now have that time and am intent on having a proper preparation for a 35th Reunion.  As such, I intend to keep this at the forefront of our minds for the next 12-14 months culminating in a Reunion in Jamaica for definite and possibly smaller get togethers abroad.  In March 2016, I started this quest in earnest and have tried to send out encouraging emails to populate the site and, by popular suggestion, this BLOG is all the emails I have sent out since revival of the site.  Enjoy..M

March 2, 2016

St Catherine High Yearbook

Dear All,

I have the St Catherine High 1981-1982 Yearbook in .pdf.  Is there any 'techie' among us who can change this into jpg so I can post on the site? (It is 37 pages).  Please let me know and I can email to you.  (It really is worth sharing --- some interesting, eye-watering, and embarrassing photos to share).



Monday, March 7, 2016

Still Appealing for Photographs

Dear All,


I know it's not Facebook, but I am still appealing for photographs!!  Do upload your photos of you and your family and let this PRIVATE group of old classmates keep in touch and see how you getting on.  As an assurance, the group can only be accessed by those within it, and does not come up in general Google searches.  So let's keep the bond...(PRETTY PLEEEESE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!!)


I have had one volunteer to try to put the .pdf 1982 Yearbook into .jpg (for the 'dunces' among us, dem ago try put it inna pitcha so me can put it pan de site...ok?).  So watch this space....some funny looking people...OH THE ANTICIPATION...So all who hot now...look pon yuh pitchta...u neva did so hot den...or worse still, if you pop dung now...go look pon yuh pitchta when yuh did hatt!


Seriously!!....I want this get together REUNION!!!  Here's my initial thought....Let's have a get together in New York, and another in Jamaica (Now before de people dem whey like criticize and dont suggest come jump pon me, mek me explain).  For people in North America it is easy to get to.  For people in the UK, NY fare cheap and dem dont have to go to Jamaica so nobody nuh have to beg dem nutten and dem dont have to carry nutten fi nobody, dem just go new york fi a nice halliday.  Fe de people dem whey deh a Jamaica whey have visa, oonu can use it...FINALLY...fi de people dem dat don't have visa..........de Jamaica sumting is fe oonu.  (and personally, me want to go New York to shop, because the things nice and cheap!)

Honestly guys, I am pushing for this one.  I don't mind doing all preparations, etc..  Just email me back and let me know what working for you.  I am thinking Summer for New York (Bout July or so; and shortly after for Jamaica.  So for both, I am thinking July/August 2017).

Remember...You can't spell REUNION without WE....If you don't get it, then that's why you need to be there for me to explain it to you.

Reunion Suggestions - See My Email

Hi Guys,

I am sending this email to you because you confirmed you would be making the Reunion in 2017.  Can you tell me:

1. Your location

2. Your suggestion (see my previous email)

3. Would you be interested to be on the Planning Committee.

Let me know.  Thanks.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Teachers' Subjects

Dear All,

A big thank you to Colleen Coleman for sending me a list of teachers to update the site.  Can you help with the subjects they taught?  Email and let me know.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Finally, The Yearbook is On!!!

Dear All,

What you have all been waiting for (ok...maybe not)...but the 1982 Yearbook is now uploaded.

A big thank you to Adrian Eccles for sourcing it and an even bigger thank you to Hortense Bailey for painstakingly setting 37 pages of .pdf to .jpg (you are star...that's why you shine so brightly ;-)

To access, click on 'Photo Gallery' then you can watch as a slideshow..........ENJOY!


..Still Need Your Photos

Dear All,

Colleen Coleman and Fitzalbert Gordon are outperforming us all with some stunning pictures!!

Guys please find some time and upload some pictures.  I know you would do it for Facebook and the people on Facebook don't even like you.  I don't care if Mark Zuckerberg say's they are your friends...they are NOT...they didn't know you when you didn't have lunch money...dem only know you now when you have big job!

Come on ladies and gents!!


Thanks Rosemarie Ragnatt and Cassius Powell For Stepping Up to the Plate

Dear All,

Some Hot People Sawt out dem fotos teday!!!  Nice family pics from Rose Marie and Cassius!  Brilliant...Thanks guys.

Now then...the rest of you, oonu ago tiad fe see me inna oonu inbox.  A school me deh now.  Me have  time on my hands now....so all me have to do is pretend me typing notes right in front a teacha face and a send out email to the whole of oonu.

You will know it get bad when I start naming names!



Whether You are Labourite or PNP...It's All Good

Even though me is not a Labourite (But I wouldn't vote for Portia because she too dunce!), this really warmed my heart and I am genuinely proud that Andrew went to Catherine.  (A hope him nuh badda go mash up de country and give we bad name mek me haffi disown him).



Thursday, March 10, 2016

Catherine vs. Jago on Wikipedia

Very commendable St Catherine High Wikipedia entry.  Very well done and very well thought out.  Kudos to the Editors who contributed to the entry.


In contrast, the Jago one is very cobbled together (no wonder we did beat dem in school challenge)



Thanks to Lorraine Cobourne Brown

Thanks to Lorraine for her stunning pics...and some even had other StCHS alumni in them....which were great!

Again guys....let's build the intimacy.........I NEED photos, and I need you to spread the word, send emails to those who don't have a tick next to their name and...did I say....upload pitchtas.


How Come

How come....I have 56 user profiles but I have only 51 email address?  I know Maths was not my strong point (I got a 3 in maths when 3 wasn't a pass....I don't care...neva stop me from tun lawya)...I digress...how come I have 56 of you on the site and only 51 email address....some of you married to each other and using the same email address?  Please, please provide your contact details, specifically, your email address (or tell anyone you know on site to please, please provide same...thanks all.

Goodnight...until tomorrow when I shall return to my usual haunting ways.........


Friday, March 11, 2016

How Come? SOLVED...Partly

Dear All,

I have two new things to say today:

Number 1. I can personally vouch for Coleen Coleman "CPA, CMA, Adding Up, Calculation, Detail Orientation" Certificate dem.  She spotted that I have duplicated Joan Powell, Cassius Powell and Georgia Richards!  Bwoy you good Coleen.  Can you do my taxes next year?  Alright....I shall Fix.

Number 2.  Can all of de people dem dat don't put up any, can you a please send your fotoes.

(Number 2 is new - - I kept asking for pitchtas...now I am asking for fotoes)


Did You Listen to Any of These in Paschal Hall?

Dear All,

I have gone very 'High Tech'!  I am taking you down memory lane and put a playlist of songs I remember we used to listen to.  Hope you like! If you give me your requests, I will make a new playlist each week.  De people dem widout pitchta cannot mek any request...

(remember when Sister or Miss Anderson use to come beat some people off the walls in the hall?  Especially the hot ones dem whey use to have girlfriend and bwoyfriend and hug up in corner bout dem a dance close? Bright!) - By the way, would dem school beatings deh count as child abuse now?


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Marcia Edwards in tha house!!

Yaaayy!  My bestie and partner in crime gats her photos up!!!  And if Marcia can do it (more on that later)...you can do it to.  Love this girl!! 41 years of friendship thru thick and thin.  You know is you real real (not play play facebook fren) when you dont talk for ages and yuh just call pon a fone and is like you talk yesterday.

Now I know that 50 is a 'big people age', and some of us (age or not) is technically challenged (I used 'us' to be nice....I am quite fine thank you) ...I digress.   Anyway, if you is so technically disabled be it mild (some of you) or moderate (Marcia Edwards) or Severe (Sharon Thompson), please do not let that stap yuh from sending you pitchtas.  I will see with you disability.  I am not calling any names, but Marcia Edwards pictures are up as she emailed them and I uploaded them.  So guys let your disability hold you not back.  Please send me the pitchtas dem.  

Some of oonu have iPad and Tablet and Smartphone and de phone smarter dan oonu.  Remind me of my 74 year old mother -- I was talking to her on the phone and she was telling me she upgraded her phone.  Thinking its a Samsung, I casually asked her 'what name it say on the front'?  She said 'It don't have any name on the front'.  To which I got a bit exasperated and said 'It must have a name on the front!'  To which she replied 'It does not have a name on the front, but it have a apple on the back!'  Honestly, I am still cracking up...iPhone in my face or what!!!  That said, having equipment and using equipment is two different tings...she is on Whatsapp now and about three weeks now I ask her to send me a picture of something...all now...still waiting.  

Guys, do not be my mother ........Email me the pics and I will upload....jjhousen@gmail.com

The Eagle Has Landed

There is no excuse now ladies and gentlemen!  Sharon Thompson has now Whatsapped me photos which I have uploaded (and continue to upload).  She also kindly informed me via whatsapp that she is not as severe as I think, and simultaneously as she made this statement, ALL of her photos were sent to me sideways.  But I shall be gracious, thank her profusely and downgrade her to moderate.

Anyway, bigger story dan dat, Thompson hug up unda one tree wid one man and don’t know a who!! Apparently she did tink a Sandy Fuller husband but Sandy mussi set har straight so the hunt is on…do you recognise him?  Or more importantly …. Yourself…to which begs the question, do you remember it more than she does (cos she clearly don’t remember!).

I have started the painstaking process of isolating all the photos in the yearbook and posting them individually to each page (I got the Idea from Coleen Coleman doing this).  Please note, I am not seeing some people picture in the Yearbook, especially people with surname T (but the yearbook pages are paginated so maybe oonu did skull school dat day…I don’t know…don’t shoot the messenger.)

This is it for Today.  Have a Great Weekend (By taking some pictures to upload)

Guys you must check out Sharon Thompson pics…she has loads with people from the site as well…Andrea Thomas, Karlene Parker, Ray Wilson, Sandra Fuller…some people I don’t know…but so far she has been my head cornerstone.  She has given me photographs of people who I don’t even have profile for.  For the record, I do know a little tweps of Intellectual Property law, so if you decide you don’t want your pikcha on here, don’t write to me, cause me naw tek it off, and you caan sue me, because is de photo taker whey tek de foto have de talk, not de photo-takee.

If you wish to whatsapp pics to me, my number is (778) 908 5998.  I will take the responsibility of uploading them and placing them at the relevant spots.

Also, just some info on navigating the site, If you go to the PHOTO GALLERY (top bar), if you click on the pictures within the photo gallery, there is usually a short spiel on the person or persons.  Of course if is just Marcia stan up by herself, nutten no deh deh.  But if is an unfamiliar face, like a teacher or something I will try and say (unless of course is Thompson hugging up under a tree and I don’t know the person). 

On the CLASSMATE PICTURES (side bar), I have chosen a maximum of 6 individual photos of each individual (unless u send me one then I put your one deggeh deggeh one) which will play in the slideshow.

In the MEMBERS’ CHAT (side bar) I would really like us to engage with each other.  I need two way dialogue…me caan jus a chat to meself so-so so.  And if I don’t get requests for music I am going to put some heavy metal on there! (alright maybe not)…but get engaged.

In the IN MEMORY (top bar) Please let me know if anyone has unfortunately passed and, if so, if you know details of that (or anyone there currently that has no details, please email me).

In TEACHERS (side bar) let me know who I am missing, and let me know the subjects for teachers I have there with no information as to subject.

If you have any other questions about the site, email, whatsapp or send me a message on the site.

In your profile, can you let me know if you are planning on coming to the Reunion?  I am really looking at Summer 2017 and so would appreciate if you could let me know.  Certainly Jamaica as a location is DEFINITELY on the cards, but if there is an additional overseas venue then we will plan.  I already have one volunteer, Jennifer Beckford, for Planning Committee.

Georgia Ellis and Paul Brown…Whey oonu deh?!  Me tink oonu would be one of me first to send me some photos.  Jennifer Beckford, sort out the thing man.

A Good Day...And Wished to Share -- Big Handclap to Noel Rhone

I know I said it was the last one for today but you must not believe everything a lawyer says as gospel.  I am still a transitioning theologian, so it is all a process (that’s what they keep telling us at Seminary….apparently even Salvation is a process (No wonder Billy Graham didn’t go to Bible College)…anyway I digress … another feature/habit of the legal skill set having acquired.

(OK…now change to Louise Bennett style ting)…Me seh…me heart full.  Teday Satday, when I would have been alone reading one tonload a book, me talk to Marcia, Thompson, Noel Rhone, and get personal email from tree people, and whatsapp from two.  Thompson outdo herself wid de hole heapa pitcha dem…so much so, I don’t tink she cook dinna yet because de time she talk to me de ackee and saltfish fe breakfast neva even touch stove yet. 

But I am glad about the excitement of the site.  Everyone seems to know someone info and even more wonderfully, people have photos of other people, even from school days.  I am so very thrilled. 

As I said to Noel, this is the first time I have had so much ‘free time’.  Ladies and gents, this is the best time of our life.  We pickney dem big now, and even if we still haffi a mine dem, at least we don’t have to sit home and babysit or beg nobody look after them.

This Reunion happening!  It happening!!  It happening!!  Even if it kill me…hold on..NO…dat no mek no sense…let’s just leave it at …. IT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!

I just discovered the ranks of the moderately technically challenged…it is those people who have uploaded photos but didn’t put the check mark against them and so it wasn’t showing (as not published).  If you thought the 56 people who only kept coming up as 51 was challenging me, you should have seen my frustration when I kept seeing a camera icon next to the names (which meant they had pictures) but wasn’t seeing any picture of the person!  Today, in going in and setting all the Yearbook photos, I discovered pictures nestled nicely waiting to be published.  Not calling any names but Georgia Ellis, Adrian Eccles and Rachel Blake might feel dem ears burning.

Anyway, mixup…Noel Rhone decide to whatsapp me some pitcha. Him tell me say him have whole heap wid Catchrine people dem.  So me say…OK.  By which time, him kindly mek me know say him don’t remember me.  So me start mention all a me hot fren dem name and him seem to know ALL a dem…but him DON’T REMEMBER ME (Because truth be known, me neva hat a school - - not like now!).  Anyway my yout member Marlene Fuller, Colleen Mills, Georgia Ellis – it look like if you hair did crème, Noel memba you (my hair neva cream)…Anyway, me check him Yearbook pitcha..me say to meself…ohhh a one cute likkle guy…But MISSIS…When Noel decide fe sen de pitcha dem!!!  Me realise a one piece a HOT BWOY…Me say, every pitcha Noel eeena, Catchrine gyal pickney swarm him.  Inna one pitcha a FIVE GIRL deh round Noel…Nah man me neva know whey ‘Chick Magnet’ mean till me see Noel foto dem.  Me haffi say to him pon whatsapp…No wonda you neva memba me, because me neva inna your league…………..Anyway, oonu can go look pon him pitcha dem………………And me did warn him say me ago chat him.

ON THAT NOTE – PLEASE KEEP THE PHOTOS COMING….THIS IS 2016….EVERYBODY HAVE PHOTO ON THEM PHONE. If you Whatsapp, I will upload (remember you have to save me as a contact in your phone to then access me in Whatsapp)

Promise I won’t scandal you like Noel, but if you tell me say you don’t memba me and den me see you wid a pile a boys or girls round you, that promise will be difficult to keep.

This is Important - Promise

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure you receive important messages from this StCHS 1982 class web site, as well as messages sent directly to you from other Classmates, it's important you whitelist the email address noreply@classcreator.net(that's a .net, not a .com).

What is whitelisting? Whitelisting simply means you are telling your email program to accept all emails coming from our class web site and our Classmates. The technique for whitelisting varies by email program, but generally you will see the term "Whitelist", "Safe List", or "Safe Sender's List". This is where you want to be sure you have added the email address noreply@classcreator.net.

Class Creator, the system that helps us operate our class web site, uses the address noreply@classcreator.netwhen sending out email messages. Be assured that all emails sent through our site are valid — you will not receive spam email. Whitelisting noreply@classcreator.net is the single most important thing you can do to ensure you don't miss anything happening on our site or miss receiving emails from your fellow Classmates.

Stop and take a moment to whitelist noreply@classcreator.net right now, and ensure you stay connected!

Please don't hesitate to email me if you need any assistance using our site. Thanks again for joining, and welcome aboard!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Sunday.  If Church was Yesterday -- Happy Sabbath.  If No Church -- We are Praying For You

Hello All,

A great Sunday morning to all my peers of 1982!

Well I have done the hardest work I have ever had to do since leaving school, paid or unpaid…focus and work non-stop on this upload.  But it is all there now.  There is a new Photo Gallery link under PHOTO GALLERY (top tab), and all the photos that I have from the Yearbook I have isolated and uploaded.  So just go there and either watch it as a slide show (7 seconds per photo, or simply click on the first photo and then click the right arrow to move forward).  If you not there, is not my fault, now you see why you should come school and no go hug up under tree when end a year fotoes a tek.  You not being in dere is nutten to do wid me…jackmandora..me no choose none.

Honestly though guys, you really don’t have to thank me.  Thanks is so over rated.  If you do something, do it for either love, or money….My bank account details are – Jamaica National, Account Number 555-555-555.

Going through this has been a trip and a half down memory lane.  I see some face and name I have no clue about.  But the majority for me was a good memory test.  What it did for me, was touch on some experiences when you hear a school friend name in conversation when you reach big people.  Like Sandra Fuller related an experience to me once when she worked at a Payroll company and someone had come in to collect something and the person’s name was Jennifer Housen so she had to race downstairs to see if was me!

My own story is one in the context of doing an immigration case.  I had a man coming for me to help him to do his England visitor visa application.  When he came, he intimated that he had a bandooloo bank statement and set out to assure me that ‘the lady at the bank who sort it out fe me say it going to be alright’.  Being rather dubious, I asked him did you speak to the lady?  He said no, but de visa man say the lady at the bank is alright and the embassy will accept it because she fix it up.  I looked at the name on the letter and knew….AB..SO…LUTE..LY NO WAY WAS THIS PERSON INVOLVED!   The name on the letter was ERICA BUBB-CLARKE! (at school I think only Sista Paschal harself was more honest than Erica!)  I just run him wid him false letter…KMT.  Now if him did say Elvis Nembhard give it to him…is a different story….DWL (Who don’t know Elvis…is alright).

One of the things that concerned me going through, is that although there are 13 Thomas/Thompson, there are only TWO pictures in the Yearbook for these names.  Poor Andrea Thomas and Sharon Thompson get lef!  Of the 10 Browns, six made it.  Be glad your name was Brown and not Thomas or Thompson or you woulda did get lef outta de yearbook…Me glad me name Housen…a two Housen did de deh an we both mek it een!  Whew.

Lastly (and you know my use of that word is extremely liberal!), couple of things:

  1. Volunteer for a Planning Committee by August 30th with me…we co-ordinating dis ting
  2. If you went to Church yesterday, did you manage to take some photos in your fineries?  If you going to church today, can you take some photo in your fineries?  If you don’t go to church poor Sister Paschal a turn eena har grave because you did go to a Catholic school and know what prayers is…so still gwaan dress up inna you fineries and tek some photos
  3. Sharon Thompson, when I was typing this email, de site a show say you online.  You cook you breakfast yet?

(I know I say couple and give you 3 but Coleen is the CPA...not me)

Thunderbirds Are Go!!

Dear All,

I HAVE FOUND IT!!!  I have found the second part of the Yearbook...Truth be known, I didn't realize there was a second part (the part with all the T to W people dem name)!  So troubling was this Thomas/Thompson business, I had to just find out '...how come? (yeah I did like that JPS ad).

So I went to SEARCH through by Dropbox archived documents where I had it on originally and, lo and behold, I found there was a Part 2 with an additional 33 pages!  And guess what...Sharon Thompson, Andrea Thomas and all the Ts and Ws and other people are in it (they even included Orenthia Denton as a mark of respect - Always respect those no longer with us...hence their own tab on this site).

So I am again graciously asking Hortense's expertise, and once I receive back will do the honours.

Oh yeah...I need to make some apologies to people hugging up under tree, obviously it wasn't the day of the pitchta taking...it was another day.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Good Monday Morning - Some Tings...AND Request for Pitchas

Dear All,

A wonderful good Monday morning to you all.  If you are struggling with the rush hour to get into work, my sympathies.  For the record, I don’t have to go into work and I have classes two days per week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  So I have achieved utopia…two days in the week, and five in the weekend.  But enough about my own sweet life…I am not seeing enough pitchtas!

A big thank you to some people who have sent me photos which include other alumni.  So thanks to Lorraine Cobourne, Sharon Thompson, Sandra Fuller, Marcia Edwards, Arnett Brown, Jennifer Beckford, and Hortense Bailey for their recent pikcha contributions.  Much appreciated.


Whatever you call it…we NEED your photographs guys.  I know it has been great to come on the site and see how some of us were, are, and getting on.  We want to reminisce about you too.  A picture is worth a thousand words so all I am asking for is about 5 or 6 thousand words, spelt one way U-P-L-O-A-D.  Now I notice some of you dat don’t have no picture visit the site but me nat seeing oonu put up no pitcha.  Me not calling no name, but Desrene Reid, Seava Davis and Sheryl Evans might feel dem ears a burn dem.  You see how de pitcha dem nice?  A so we want to see your nice pitcha of yesterday and today too.

I know some of you coming on the site by ‘stealth’, so oonu click de ‘Hide My Name’ sitten pon de front!  Mek me tell oonu someting…a me a de Administrator…I know when every jack man come on, and when every jack man come off…So tan deh deh.  One person in particular, CALL me, and deh pon de phone wid me, and a tell me bout tings pan de site, so me and she deh pon de site together but de front page a show me one!  Me not calling no name, but me say to har…Thompson, me a no eediat enuh!

Seriously guys…me a beg oonu, sort out some photo.  Worse case, Whatsapp me, or text me photos on 778.908.5998 or email me dem at jjhousen@gmail.com.   

If you have current or old photos of you together with other alumni, those are very much appreciate.


The mystery of the T-named and W-named people is now solved!  Meaning, me fine de second part of de Yearbook.  Mine you, Although is 33 pages, is only 24 names more deh pon it.  Other things like netball team, rugby team, basketball team, etc.  I have now kindly requested of Hortense to put the .pdf document  it in .jpg for me (if you no know whey me a talk bout…check out whey me say on the 7th of March).  Hopefully I can get dis part up by end of the week.


Ladies and gents, please pass on the link for the site to people who you know.  Get them to go there and check out their names.  I know Ray Wilson is an Oracle of contact details.  I sent him an email asking him for photos.  Anybody in touch wid Ray tell him say fe check him email and in particular the email from Jennifer Housen…tell him is not Spam! 


My thoughts for the Reunion are as follows:

A Weekend of Get-Together in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, for the last weekend in July.  So we have a lyme from the  Friday to Sunday Afternoon/Monday morning.  I am thinking of renting Laughing Waters.  Laughing Waters is a lovely property in Ocho Rios and is still Jamaica Government controlled (Run by UDC!) which is extremely unusual.  There is about a 4-6 bedroom accommodation available on the property, and there are villas nearby in Old Fort Bay.  If you go to Google and put in ‘LAUGHING WATERS JAMAICA’, it will come up (Click on IMAGES in the Google search). 

What I am thinking is to have a general on the beach cookout/chilling out on the Friday/Saturday.  Having a formal dinner/dance on the Friday night.  Some activity like Mystic Mountain or something on the Sunday, and dinner Sunday evening. 

It would be great if all or most people could stay down Ocho Rios for the event (even if you do live in Jamaica).  So date would be from 28th to 30th July 2017.  For de foreign people dem who flying een, if you plan it right, you could tek een de following week as Independence week.  Me know oonu might say…No expensive time dat Jennifa?  But me giving oonu 12 months advance notice (and one of the things I will be proposing with the planning committee is setting up an account for monthly contributions (like a pardna!) so that funds can start pooling from early at a rate of at least US$100 equivalent per month per person coming (so if is you an you wife, is $200 a month).  Then any final per head contribution can come from that, and the rest redistributed back to you in advance for tickets, etc.  Dependiing on numbers coming, from wherever, we can look some deals on flights, etc.

(Please let me have your thoughts). 

I am attaching a YouTube video link for Laughing Waters:


There are villas next door which I have personally stayed at before and they are reasonably priced and excellent, and they back on to the beach.  The Villa Development is Old Fort Bay and has several Villa Communities all interlinked.  There are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas.  I think we should go mostly for the 3 bedroom villas as then you can share and defray costs.  Below are links to the Villas (which are literally next door to Laughing Waters:

Cannon Villas


Silver Palms






In navigating the website, there is a Playlist at the front.  I have linked it to a Spotify playlist of music that were in vogue between 1977 and 1982.  If you download Spotify for free, the music will play when you go to the site (you don’t have to get Premium Spotify account, it will play on the free one). 

If you have any particular favourites or if you have some BIG CHUNE you use to hug up inna Paschal Hall and dance to….Let me know…I will oblige and include it in list.


It look like we making some headway wid Thompson mystery man.  She a claim say a de photographer man whey did come wid a friend of P (Karlene Parker)…Hmmm hmmm.  That’s her story…strangely enough, the picture with her and Jennifer Beckford (de one with Jennifer wid de sponge rollers inna har hair), in dat picture, she holding de picture of she and Mr Hug-Up…maybe from dat time she a ask Jennifer ‘A who dat’….so it look like a no today she no know a who she did a hug up.  At least Noel Rhone can name all of fe him hug up people dem!  Bwoy, fe so much him really have a good memory!


On a final note………Still pleading for Pitchas………

(You know… I tink a going tek dis PITCHAS ting too far one day.  I had a client who couldn’t say surveyor…she use to say so-veer man.  I used to mock de lady to de point one day me inna ‘good good’ conversation inna ‘good good’ company, and say…me have one so-veer man can do it for you…You know I had to explain!)


Dear All,


Guys, I know some of you itching (like when cowitch tek you and you go wet up yuhself and no realize), fi respond to me so GREAT!  That’s what the User Forum is for.  Just go into the forum under the date and Email Heading and make your complaint….I mean your contribution.  Let’s get interactive!!!



Just a reminder that this site is pretty much ‘safe’.  So is not like Facebook whey everybody come eggs up pon you page!  A das why me come off a Facebook.  People who not even deh pon Facebook a tell me bout tings pon me page…Libatty.  Anyway, what I mean is that Search engines will pick up the site, but a person cannot access the stuff unless registered.  So sending me photos is also a safeguard.  I check the submitted photos against Mr Smikle mugshot of you in the Yearbook so I can confirm features.  All when oonu mellow out, eyes, smile, and features still shining through (you ever see somebody and all when dem a bleach you still can mek dem out with them new brown self).

Seriously ladies and gents, If I am not seeing uploaded photos, I will assume it’s a fraud trying to peep in pon we sumting.  So after a while if you fill out you profile info and no photos uploaded, I might have to make a decision about deleting that person from the site because I am not sure it’s really you.  If is even one deggeh deggeh photo…pleeeeeeze.



After you (or I) have uploaded your photos, can you just go and put something short next to it?  Like ‘MoBay last year, ‘Disney with the grandkids’, etc.  Please don’t put ‘40th birthday last year 2015’, because we either going to know you are lying, you gone senile, or you forget say a no Facebook you deh pon whey you co-workers no know say you a big 50 year old man/woman, rather, de people on dis site is de same people whey a de same age wid you! 

Seriously, we would really like to know what’s happening in them.  Where are you?  When was it?  Etc.



Big up the new sign ups!  Karlene Parker and Sandra Fuller over the Weekend.  Thanks for Jennifer Beckford for the Portmore Lyme photos yesterday.  They are on her profile and also on the Snapshots. 

Also, the power of ‘call up, call up people name’ works!  Look how me half-scandalize Sheryl, Seava and Desrene yesterday and guess what?  Sheryl and Seava sen me PITCHAS!!  RAAAYY (OK…maybe I went just a little ghetto there).  Desrene pretending like she ignoring me but a so she did stay from school.  She taking har time.  I am watching you Miss Desrene.  Because Sheryl and Seava don’t want me calling out dem handicap dem say ‘I am having trouble with the site Jennifer, can you please upload.’ Hmmm hmmm.  It’s all good.  I’m just happy to get them…by email, text, whatsapp.  But just to chat Sheryl, Sheryl whatsapp me fe check if me get de pitchas dem and when me look pon Sheryl Whatsapp profile she have a 15-picture montage of hersel!!  One a dem all have har hair red…come on Sheryl…send me some of those ones too.

People, we not faasing in you bizniz (well maybe kind of)…but its genuine.  Wanting to know where the people we formed first relationships with are.  What they doing.  How they getting on.  If you know anyone who has really fallen on hard times, let us know and let us all try and help out.  This is a private site with people you actually know…not like Facebook with de faas work colleague dem or you stalker EX a look you up pon Google (No…I am not speaking from Experience)


For the Reunion, Adult children, and your grandchildren are all very welcome!!  This is a family ting.  Mek dem see how de elders floss (see me a use it, I never even did know whey ‘floss’ mean…a so you know you getting old when the young people language different from your own). 

Anyway, people making me envious now with dem grandchildren so going to try and see if me can find a wife fe me son from one of me school friend daughters.  Now I see why the Indian people dem have arranged marriage.   He is an eligible bachelor with a beautiful mother so grandchildren will be suitably beautiful.  He is currently completing his Bachelors in Linguistics (though I don’t know why as him claim him ago tun English teacha, which mean say a B.Ed woulda did serve him just fine)…but I digress….FAMILIES WELCOME!!!

See you tomorrow…………………


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Free Flight to Jamaica for Hortense

Dear Ladies and Gents,

Happy Tuesday.

This is going to be a short one for two reasons (1) I have to go to my ‘my version of work today and (2) me have me curry chicken fe me lunch on fire (it season from yesterday) and Catchrine sumting not going mek me burn up me food.  (Naw tell no lie…sometime me wish say Tastee’s an Juici Bee deh a foreign (for the people in Florida and New York – those places are not foreign…me talking bout de people dem whey live a some fur place whey de only ting you see sometimes a some plantain inna de Mexican/Spanish section)

Hortense has come through like a champion once again ladies and gents and produced the second half of the Yearbook now uploaded.  Three cheers for Hortense (or better than that, somebhaddy pay dat girl fare to Jamaica!).  Hortense, please don’t get carried away with the title, a likkle joke we making.

By way of update…Georgia (Ellis) Donaldson in da house!  I think every child at Catchrine Primary knew Georgia madda and most everybody and Catchrine.  Whenever I think of PTA I think of Georgia madda! 

Anyway chaps and chappesses, my curry chicken nearly done cook, second half of Yearbook is on…….ENJOY! 

(The sordid business of isolating the individuals will have to start tonight)



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Word of the Day


Word of the day..............PITCHAS


Use in a sentence:

We would like to get your PITCHAS on the  website so we can see yours, like how you can see ours.


(Please make every effort to send me some photos folks.  And please remember to share link.  Happy Wednesday)

Stealth Riders and Memory Lane



So I have now uploaded ALL the remaining Yearbook individual photos.  This means that if you are not there this time…you not dere at all…you neva did deh dere when Mr Smikle tekking de pictures dem.  If however you are not there and find a school picture (like Sandra Fuller Champs pass) then I will upload………(When Sandra Fuller tell me say she did have Champs pass me frighten till me nearly drap dung!  Champs did have pass 35 years ago?!!!!  Hmmm……..And den de worl wonder how we have Usain…All when Jamaica a pop dung…no ramp wid we and Champs!)



Big up to Ann Marie Wilson!!!  Ann Marie how you do?!!  I have not seen you for 35 years!!  Most people, if is even once since me lef school me see dem…not you…Looking forward girl.  Hope you can make the Reunion next year.



There are some people who, for one reason or another, I need to check.  First, I have a listing of Maxine Turner, but her Yearbook photo says Marine Turner…what is her correct spelling?  Anyone know if she is MaXine or MaRine?


Seava..is your name spelt S-E-A-V-A or S-E-A-V-E-R?  I’m not sure because I keep seeing different spellings.


Sheryl Evans was asking about a girl name Yvonne Campbell.  Not on graduation list or in Yearbook.  Anyone can confirm this person?  Then I can add.  


There was a girl who use to run very fast.  I cant remember her name.  She left school because she got pregnant.  I think in grade 11 (if she is reading this, I don’t mean it in a bad way…I just think most people would remember that way).  Anyway, we a big people now and nobody not even care about them things anymore.  At least that happened at school when you were young and no have no sense.  Some of the mistakes the others of us have made since we tun big people mek dat pale into comparison)...I want to add her to the site please.  I think her first name was Karen or something like that.


I remember a brown girl name Donna McKenzie, but she is not on my list or in the Yearbook.  Anyone else remember her?  I don’t want to just fling name pon site (cos maybe we remembering someone a year above or a year below so I want to be sure.  My first confirmations are the Graduation list or the Yearbook.  Then someone a lot of people know and remember but left early, like Ray Wilson, Marlene Fuller and Andrew Soon Foong.  But if is just one one people memory, I need to check against collective memories.


Anyone else you remember who may have left early?  Or did not graduate for whatever reason?

Basically, I want to correct names if misspelt, and if the person is missing (e.g., leave early, did not graduate, etc, then I can add them).



I have had some ‘stealth riders’…who come, have a look and screechy off the site…come on guys, I just want us to connect as a big group.  We can have a chill, reminisce and be proud of where we are today with our children, partners and a nice setting.



Of course, last but not least, back to me Word of the day, I still am in the pleading…Bwoy a feel like the Salvation Army at Christmas.  The only reason me not ringing no bell is because of de Labourite ting!  But bwoy...some people have me on my knees begging.


Karlene, I am not calling you out, but remember you promise me some pictures.  Desrene, you come look fe we everyday but de empty hand ting rough…throw me a bone…just one pitcha.


Hi Carol Richards, how you do?  Me see you.  (I keep reminding folks that dem coulda click ‘Hide me from site’ likkle more, I see every click what mek.  Mek me come off you back….give me a pitcha…one deggeh deggeh one!)


Speaking of ‘Word of the Day’ this morning, made me think about my son when he was 5 years old and in grade 2 and him teacha sen come call me.  Apparently dem give dem words fi mek sentence.  The word was PEOPLE.  Ash sentence was ….’The little people do not matter’ (!)..(Yep…that’s what I thought…SERIOUSLY……You get that from people?  Anyway me tell de teacha say me no know whey him get dat from…so me start monitor him fi see if him did have any uptown bourgeoisie tendencies…happily, he is now a nice well adjusted fellow.


I am now on my 5-days off tour…I shall haunt tomorrow……………….


Friday, March 18, 2016

New York Link Up and What is the Lotto Number

Good morning my Wonderful Beautiful Classmates!

(Although the wonderful is for everybody, the beautiful is ONLY for those with pitchas..)



Each time I go on the site the repetitive playlist did kinda start getting on me nerves…so I changing that pace a little…I will change the playlist per week to having a song per day.  That way, if you check the site once or 7 times for the day, you don’t have to have your head hurting you with the same playlist or song for the week.  Which brings me to this…only people with pitchas can make requests.  It can be anything.  First request is what gets done and a shout out to the requestor (so yes, me turn selector now too!...adding it to my resume with everything else).  So the chune you request can be something from our time at school.  Your favourite tune.  Your favourite hymn.  Your wedding song.  Whatever.  So this morning is my favourite ‘now’ Worship song.  Please note that I will draw the line at ‘Addy The Teacha’…and is not because him in prison…because I will play Buju.   So START REQUESTING!



Got a response with the name…Karen Ferrigan sounds familiar…If anyone knows her, please pass on the site details to her.  I have inputted her name.



I am able to put persons on as Guest Members.  What that means is, if we want someone included who is not a student, then I can put them on, but it will show a designation (of why we put them on).  So for example, a teacher.  I am going to include Mr Baker and Mrs (Duffus) Baker.  So anyone in touch with them, please forward them to the site.  Also let me know suggestions of who should go on as guest member (please don’t send me any dead people name.  Or no old people who don’t have or use computer…………the only dead people will be the Classmates who are deceased)



Feeling a bit disturbed…I dream last night that I was sitting on a grave.  All when I don’t  know what dreams mean, dat don’t sound like a good dream.  I have a cousin named Julie.  Julie father use to play drap-pan.  Any dream you have Julie can tell you which number fi buy.  If you say Julie, me dream see Jesus…Julie say…buy number 10 fe ole man.  If you say Julie, me dream see me granny…she say…buy number 12  fe ole ooman (I am using 10 and 12 as examples.  For the Julies out there, I know oonu going to correct me and say Jesus and ole man is not number 10 and ole ooman is not 12 – unless I made a really lucky guess! But me don’t play drap-pan or lotto).  But me still disturbed bout me dream. 



It’s not an April Fool’s joke.  Here is a test to see if the site works.  I am planning to be in NY for 3 days from March 31st to April 3rd.  Here is the test, can I arrange a NY get together Saturday evening on the 2nd?  NEW YORK PEOPLE…Let me know how you situate.  Thompson don’t know yet but his her yard me staying.  My phone charging so I haven’t whatsapp her about it.  I am putting it out there now…so she can’t say no.



This heading remains a feature, because that’s what I am really after………I am in NEED…and please, please, remember to send the link to all you know.  (I was so happy about Ann Marie joining, so I know the word is getting out).  I want at least 100 at our Reunion.


Thank you all………………………………….and later……….remember your music request – first come first serve and one per week per person.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Check out Today's Site Front Page!!!

Happy Saturday My Lovely Classmates,

For the SDAs among us, Happy Sabbath.  As you go out in your fineries, spare a thought (and a pitcha) for me.  For the die hard Jamaican, gwaan cook you soup.  Anybody remember how you used to feel hungry pon Saturday after you drink soup?  You feel full and then couple hours later you a ded fi hungry.  A when me come a foreign and dem start give me soup fe starters me kinda suss out sey soup OPEN you appetite.  If me a cook soup pon Saturday…..something else a cook!



I have not any music request, (because everybody a act like dem tired.  Either that or they watching Real Housewives).  So I am playing one to all the fathers on the site, and most certainly, in particular to the Father of all fathers, the AlmightyFather.  So as you chill out on Saturday, go to church, cut the yard, know that you have a good, good father (and if you are a father, you are one also!)



  1. NEWS ROUNDUP – The News for the past week
  2. UPDATED MEME – One of Jennifer Beckford's Portmore Lyme pitchas (sorry Noel, a your turn again!)



The word for today is….. fénykép

………………..That’s PITCHAS in Hungarian!


Please let me get your photos guys…Also, look at the pie chart on the front…we NEED to get the word out………….


Speak tomorrow………….(No dancehall request fi tomorrow Sunday……….BUT SEND YOUR REQUESTS…FIRST COME…FIRST PLAYED)


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strong Catchrine Voice and Curry Soup

Merry Sunday to you All,

My prayers and blessings to you all……..


I have given you some good stuff today.  First, the music is apt for the day, but it is who it is coming from that’s amazing - a little school girl at Catchrine….Listen to dis likkle pickney!!!  Unbelievable voice!!  She mek Ex-Factor looking like dem naw try!!  I need to be this little girl manager.  Second, I am featuring Arnett in the meme section and the ‘mugshot’ questions.  Lastly, for news, I am giving you the Gleaner weekly roundup.



Again, I am passing thru New York like a breeze…from April 1st to 3rd.  Would love a small get together on evening of April 2nd if possible!  NEW YORK PEEPS…..Sort it out!!!



I have been (and am still) getting requests for people who I leave off.  As I said, I want to be sure that this isn’t just ‘cloudy’ pickney memory.  I want to be sure the person started Grade 7 with us, or came in as a Grade 9 persons.  As I said, I want to be sure that these are actually from our year(s), and not just someone from a lower or upper year that we used to spar with.  Names I have had so far include:  Karen Ferrigan, Angela Comrie, Donna McKenzie, Francine Micheline, and Veron Jackson.  I just need couple people to confirm as usual so I can put them on.



Guys, if you want to check out your classmates’ memories or stuff they have written on their profile, please go to PROFILE QUESTIONS and click on SHOW [JENNIFER’] PROFILE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.  Also, if you have not done so, can you please put some kind of memory in your profile.  So please fill out completely.



Word for today is…….Tasvira……..It is Nepalese for…….Yes you guess good….PITCHAS!!

Me notice excitement look like it done ….ME STILL NEED PITCHAS!!!!  Come on guys…give me a reason.  Otherwise, me just full it up a so-so pitchas of meself…

Thanks to Sharon Thompson for the pictures she has passed on from Ray Wilson.  With Olga Buckley, Wayne Chambers, Derrick Reid, Raymond Young and Andrew Soon Foong.  I have put them on Ray’s Profile pics.



Hi Careen, I am trying to send you a personal email but it keeps bouncing.  Can you email me please at jjhousen@gmail.com and I can respond on that?  Thanks.



I used to HATE people taking pictures of their food on FB (Soooo GHETTO!)…Anyway, I have to share my food story.  So today, for my dinner, I had Curry Soup….If you have never had it before - - neither did I till today…So hear how it go now..Me neva tek out any meat to cook, so me decide to do curry vegetable.  By which time, all of the vegetable cut up, but me decide fe ‘burn’ the curry in the pot, shall I tell you! ..me put in waay too much curry fe de likkle bit of vegetable (because as you well know, Jamaicans no know nutten bout no teaspoon dis and tablespoon dat.  In cooking, we put een ‘some pimento seed.’  ‘Likkle salt.’  ‘throw some seasoning inna you hand middle.’  Shake een de curry till you feel fe stap (which can infuriate my son who love call pon phone and ask me fi give him blow by blow recipe since him deh a one white school and love tell people bout him a Jamaican so dem no stop ask fe jerk chicken.  So when me a tell him what fe put in it, him deh pon “So how much exactly is that mom?...like me fi know).  Anyway I digress…Well me deh deh a shake in curry same out of the tie up bag me bring up from Jamaica when de blasted ting pitch out too much into the pot….Well, I never have the inclination fe start over.  Now as you know, too much curry just get grainy.  So I put in my vegetable, along with two cup a water…VOILA…SOUP!!!....It niiiicee….Me eat two bowls!!!




Monday, March 21, 2016

Before You Ask...My Hand is on the Mend!



My prayers and blessings to you all……..



Not getting any song request at all  L     Well, I am putting forward Bob Marley Redemption Song.  The first song I knew the complete lyrics to.  Is only because Jamaica people look down pon rasta why me neva dread long time!  Because this song baaaad!  For today’s meme, I am messing with Fitzalbert Gordon…because it look like him have a swarm a bees pon him face. 



Thanks to Jennifer Beckford and Hortense Bailey for engaging with me in the MESSAGE FORUM.  Guys, please, come say sumting nuh!   



Word for today is…….PITCHAS……..That is Jamaican for….PITCHAS!!  Ladies and gents, send me your photos.  Just hanging out.  At home.  Lyming.  At work.  Anything.  Let’s get familiar and know we one a nedda.  Don’t let the excitement subside please.  As me say yesterday, me notice lie say excitement look like it done ….ME STILL NEED PITCHAS!!!!  Come on guys…check you phone and whatsapp me some selfie.



Hi Careen, I am trying to send you a personal email but it keeps bouncing.  Can you email me please at jjhousen@gmail.com and I can respond on that?  Thanks.



I still notice some persons (with no picture or profile details) who have signed up (so made a password to enter) who have not put up any profile details or pictures.  Unfortunately, as of this weekend, if I don’t see any pictures, I will remove that profile, re-input the name, so that the profile has to be re-inputted and pass a verification test.  Before anybody jump pan me, mek me explain…If someone create a user name and password, I really don’t know who it is because at present I did not set up verification (because I assume since people tek de time fe fill out a password to join, they would put up pictures).  As such, I become concerned about the security of the rest of the people on the site.  I will not make verification standard (what verification means is that if you are going to join, you have to answer some question that the person who claims to be the classmate would know from school days).  As I said, if the classmate has never signed up, and signing up for the first time, there will be no verification.  But if you are currently on the site with no profile or no picture, or if you join new and do not upload any photographs, I will delete the profile after two weeks if you have not filled out a profile and/or uploaded photographs, and then you will have to ‘join again’ but this time go through a verification process for me to be sure it is YOU.  After the verification, if you still don’t upload photos, that’s fine, at least I know it is the named classmate for sure.  Hope you all understand.  Thanks.



Jennifer Beckford birthday coming up this week!!! Remember to wish her happy birthday!  Jennifer you going work?  Me did reach one point in life whey me neva did bother go work pon my birthday.  Me use to tell them say me no work birthday.  Get to the point that every job me work, dem tink is a Jamaica custom fe people no work pon dem birthday.



For the last four weeks I have had a really bad injury.  Me nearly chop off me big finga claim say me a cut up chicken.  Anyway me cut the tendon, get bout 15 stitches, so all the type oonu see me a type, me hand inna cast!!  Anyway, is a half-cast, whereby when you look at it, me big finger and wrist full bandage up. (before you ask, cast comes off 31st March.  Physio start after)

Well I neva know a so foreign people faas.  Now don’t get me wrong…it’s ok for friends and acquaintance to ask wha wrong…but wild stranger a run up to me a ask me what do me han!  Now before some of you say…oh no, dem concern, let me explain what concern is, concern is when is you fren and dem know and then ask, ‘how you hand getting on’.  Me mean say, it get so bad, me deh pon me fone inna one eating place and one man, whey I don’t know from Adam, a SIGN LANGUAGE me a ask me what do me hand!!…me don’t answer.  Me look whey and carry on with me conversation.  By the time me finish the phone call me fegat bout him and me walking….all me hear is ‘EXCUSE ME MAM…EXCUSE ME MAM’ (Loud loud like when you lef you handbag and somebody calling you fi tell you)…when me turn round, the man say (again…loud loud) ‘What’s wrong with your hand?’…Me say…Jennifer kick in, but him lucky the Holy Spirit kick een likkle faster…because all me coulda tink is ‘What dis pon me doah eeh’?  Now the asking bad and not too bad…but afta me say..’I cut my hand when I was cooking’…The follow up question is ‘What were you cooking?’….A no one and two time me waan say ‘Dutty Pot’….But me have to smile politely and answer nicely.

Mek me digress…I me one no like buy chicken parts?  Me have to buy one whola chicken and cut it up.  Me no like buy pack a chicken leg or breast.  Me like buy chicken whey me have leg, breast, likkle bony part, likkle neck part, everything.  Because when me buy whola chicken, me know a no cut up john crow dem a sell me! 

Anyway, back to the story, it really start get pon me nerves.  Cos me live a England whey people mind dem own bizniz and afta dem ask you the question and you say ‘oh just a cut’…dem leave you alone.  Dem yah people want full bill and receipt.  Me did start get funny/sarcastic and when people start ask me, me say to them…’I was camping with some children in the woods and this bear was about to attack them and I had to defend them’…When dem start look shocked and dem eye a pop outta dem head, me then smile and say ‘I’m just kidding, it’s just that it sounds better than my I-cut-myself-while cooking’ story.  But inna me mind, me really want say, you too faas!  Anyway, me realise me tell de Bear story once too often, because one little faas Canadian chiney girl ask me bout me hand.  Me start de bear story and only reach ‘camping in the woods when a bear…..’ and Miss Thing start dead wid laugh.  Now me puzzled, because me neva reach de punch line when dem eyes start pop outta dem head fi me get de satisfaction fe say a joke.  So me ask her why she a laugh………She say………..BEARS ARE CURRENTLY HIBERNATING.  Now me look confuse, because about 12 people (white and black) me run de bear story pan and dem neva said dat yet.  Me say to her, ‘How do you know that?’  She said ‘They taught us that at primary school!’………No wonder China taking over the world.




Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Peeps...New Pitchas...Our Very Own HEAD-girl

Happy Tuesday Ladies and Gents!


P send pitchassssss!!!  Welcome Karlene Parker.  I know we have had some photographs via Lorraine Cobourne (Brown) but I am happy to say that Miss P sent her pictures in her own right…and BEAUTIFUL they were too…P a original browning…memba!  (P, as you have sent me pitchas…any wud you see me dropping bout pitchas, is not you)…but don’t get too comfortable, still gwaan send some come.

Also Carol Morgan…in tha house!!  Welcome Carol.  Making the profile and logging in was Phase One.  Phase Two now starts in earnest.  Getting pitchas to me…you can send them soon (upload it yourself, or whatsapp to me on778.908.5998, or email to me jjhousen@gmail.com).  That’s the easy way…the hard way is me harassing you (and everyone else) for pitchas…and more pitchas.



Again, I am in New York from 1st to 3rd April.  I want to meet up a group of New Yorkers pleeease.  I am thinking Saturday afternoon (2nd April).  Somewhere central.  (I need new material for the site!).  My first confirmed person is Carol Morgan..Yaaaay!!. 



Most of us have not hit 50 without some drama, and tek oath say “It naw happen again” (till it happen again), then we say…”it naw happen again”…and then around 40, we no really swear off the opposite sex, rather we just “…build our walls so high, no one can climb it.”  Ladies and gents, I am here to tell you, it can get tiring…and on that note (since nobhaddy no sen me no request) I am giving you MISS EMELI SANDE…One of my favourite singers, featuring Labrinth (another awesome talent).  Just a bit of trivia … Her first name is Adele, but because of the other (more) famous Adele, by the time she ‘buss’ she change har name.  This half-Nigerian/half-Scottish lady is awesome and her Album ‘Our Version of Events’ is well worth a listen….



So I have been thinking (hmmm), who we have already added, will remain.  However, I will include persons as GUEST MEMBERS if they left to go to another school locally as this skews the names for me.  It really will make things easier as we are ‘remembering them’ if they wish to come on board.  So it is a live ‘in memoriam’ section then.  So teachers, other persons who were former classmates, and possibly other persons who want to be honorary members.

Fitzroy Johnson reminded me about Noel Crooks.  Anybody (or Sandra Fuller) remember what happen to him?  I shall put him under Guest Members. 



Jennifer Beckford confirms that in two days time…she no deh a wuk…because is har birthday, and she wasn’t working when she born (apparently is har mother alone did a do the work).  So I told her of my uncle...he was unemployed and someone got him a night job at Tia Maria years ago (when dat was good, good job).  Him never take the job because him say that is only clock alone work at night!  Truthfully…a story me a tell you.   Jennifer, please send your birthday playlist, I will prepare it for you, and put it nicely on the site for you to play at your heart’s content on Thursday Ma’am!



OK…we back pon de hand story.  You remember one story that use to circulate on Facebook with the man who come from Jamaica wid him family and neva see snow and everything happy.  Till after a while him tek oath him ago kill the snowplow man?  Ok…well is me and the hand and the cast.  Today a four time me have to give the story…believe me.....saying ‘I cut my hand’…no stop dem out yah so…Full bill and receipt.  I am just curious why they keep asking what I was cooking?  WHY?????

In the evening, me a tuggo tuggo wid me pulley (me a no pickney so me don’t carry backpack to College, I have a proper executive pulley like whey businessman carry pon plane).  Anyway, me a tuggo tuggo fe get pon de bus.  Pay me fare and me really hear de driver say something to me.  Me smile and nod, pay me fare and a walk off when him say, so what exactly was it?  Me say ‘Pardon’…nuh me blooming hand him a ask bout!  De man no drive off till me tell him what happen.  Den him ask me …a what kind a knife…A want say to him…one dat I would use to cut you throat.  If is patience God a teach me, clearly dis lesson deh pon chapter 16!



Today’s meme is of our one and only lovely ‘HEADgirl’ Georgia Ellis…Bwoy she really grow into it nicely.



New news for today for you to listen to.  How the news reader head look so funny?  You memba one time yu did have to brown or pretty fe read news, work pon plane or work inna bank?  Dem days deh dun (and me glad) but sometime dem take the equal opportunity ting too far....Me always say me no believe inna one bright Miss World.  Me want my Miss World to be pretty.  She don't need fe bright. Bright people no go inna dem stupid competition deh.  Me like when dem bright and dunce! it give hope.  When dem bright and pretty dem set de bar too high!





Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Big Up Jennifer Beckford!!!  Shoutout on her Birthday....

A Big Fat Fabulous Happy Jennifer B Birthday to All,

Apparently its all about her today!!!  No work.  List of her favourite songs.  Playing on her (new) favourite website!!  So happy birthday my Dear.  Be FAB!  STAY FAB!!  Happy 21st (I can say that on this site cos we all know your real age).  If you was a dog me carry go vet go put you down already because the vet fees woulda put me a poor house….But pamper yourself me frend.  21 it is!

Talking about Happy 21st, when I turned 40, me did tek one big oath say me not telling no one I was over 40.  So for about 5 years…me a 40.  Here’s the problem with that story, when you get too comfortable, it can cause problem with the wrong person.  So me was quite happy with ‘how old are you?”.  “40”.  One day when me reach 45, me get one random call.  De people dem from the Department of Works and Pensions (like Social Security People) call me say dem a do one survey.  Some foolishness bout planning fe future pensions.  De man kindly identify himself.  Ask me if me a Jennifer Housen.  Yes.  Can I speak.  Yes.  Tell me who him is.  OK.  We are doing a survey..future pensions..blah blah…are you ok to answer some questions?  Yes.  How old are you?  40……….(DWP man)….LOOOONG PAUSE………….How old?  40.  Are you sure?...(Me)…LONG PAUSE…(DWP Man)…What year were you born….(me)…1965………..(Me and the DWP Man)…BIG BIG LANG PAUSE ….Simultaneous laughter by us both……..Hear de man…It’s ok, my wife does the same thing.  Me say…the way me comfortable wid de 40, me a lie to DWP.  And is the wrong set a people you want to lie to, because that mean say fi get me likkle pension, de backdate me backdate me age, me ago haffi work till me a 70 fe get it!...So leave de age lie fi FACEBOOK!



The Playlist on the front page is all Jen B’s selections for her birthday.  Personally and specially chosen BY her....FOR her.  So think of her as you listen!!



Me say, Jackie Davis give me what me looking for today!!! Jackie blow up me Whatsapp wid bout 17,000 pitchas.  You know when some parents a beat pickney and every lick dem give dem, dem say one word fe each lick…YOU…NO…HEAR….ME….SAY….YOU….NO….FI….GO….RAMP….A…..ROAD….Well a so Jackie a drop de pitcha dem pon me like licks.  First of all, Jackie send de first photo and shock me say she have FIVE PICKNEY…F…I…V…E.   ONE…TWO…THREE….FOUR….FIVE!!  Me don't know nobody else wid five pickney.  Straight backa dat shock, Jackie tell me say she and har husband together now 35 years (yes, basically de day afta we left school)…All now me still a upload picture!!  Jackie all send me picture inna yaad clothes.  Me neva know people have yaad clothes a foreign (a no me mek it up…honestly, she send me one picture and it say ‘YAAD CLOTHES’).  Jackie pickney dem pretty!!  And it look like she have dem young because she have one picture whey she take wid she and de five a dem and she inna belly skin blouse and har belly flat! (a no lie me a tell).  And she send one picture of one grandson…cute you fenneh!  Nice photos…ENJOY.



So anyway, me really was getting worried about some profiles with no picture.  So last night before me go a me bed, me ‘lock’ the site so that any new person coming on had to be ‘verified’ by me (read yesterday post for explanation).  Anyway, this morning me get one sheepish email from Desrene Reid a tell me say me lock har out.  Me say…’a good’, look from me a ask fi picture.  She say a no screechy she a screechy, but she soon put up picture.  So me ago let har back een and bother har fi pictures.



So I have Ray Wilson on board now!  So if you in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Connecticut or Jersey, come hang out on the night of the 2nd April.  I don’t live NY no more, so somebody there going have to arrange the venue.



No exclamation today.  Jackie put me inna me place today.  You memba one song whey did say…’You tink it ago go so when a hol’ you tonite?’…Alright no badda mek you mind wonder…point is, all when something good fe you..if you get too much of it one time….it will mek you clide………..

So I shall bother you tomorrow for pictures….(and Desrene…sort out de ting)



Thursday, March 24, 2016
The Passion of the Christ...And Dress Like Puss Back Foot


My prayers and blessings to you all……..



This is Passion Week.  And as we near Easter Sunday, I have given you a full playlist of reflection.  A plethora of Worship Songs…Fast.  Slow.  Man.  Woman.  Heavy.  Light.  May we always know our purpose on earth!..To worship Him….

For today’s meme, in keeping with Passion Week, I am messing with Carreen…(and still a little bit with Jennifer Beckford). 

For News, I am giving you Wednesday’s JIS update.  It feel like BBC.  You just a expect it fi sign off and the National Anthem come on!!!



Alright!!!  It was Andrea Thomas turn to lose her mind teday….Picture fe stone dawg.  Den de problem is dat me not even finish put up Jackie own dem, because she ketch me out pon me two-day work week.  So it a go up tomorrow!!  Who no send me any yet, or have under 15, oonu need to catch up.  I will find the time to upload.  Truth be known, de school ting no hard, but it take time.  To be honest, what really take de time, is that it can take you forever to finish one assignment but it don’t take nothing to binge-watch Netflix for 12 hours!



Why foreign people don’t fix up demself when dem a go a road?  Yesterday me see one man come pon de bus inna him pyjama pants.  Now you tell me.  De other day me see one come pon de bus inna one batty-rider (yes…one man).  Den if him did tan good it woulda bad and no too bad.  De batty-rider one him, me did siddung cross from him.  So me take out me phone and pretend me a do something, dat time a screechy me a screechy and a tek him picture.  Anyway, God don’t like ugly, you wouldn’t like fe know say because me a try get a good picture, me bus stop a come up sharp, me haffi mek haste gather up meself fe get off the bus, by which time, the pulley wheel way gone bout its bizniz, and me nearly pitch over…guess who catch me….Yup…Mister Batty Rider!  Still me no eena dis casual dressing….I don’t like see woman inna tee shirt and jeans and sneakers.  If you have on tee shirt and jeans, wear spike heel.  You ever notice when GAP and Macy's a advertise jeans pants, you ever see de woman dem eena sneakers?  A so-so spike heel.  Of course, you can wear dress up jeans, but not de one whey you pick up a Walmart...If is a Ralph Lauren, or (maybe a Tommy Hil...but Tommy no like black people)...or my personal favourite...TRUE RELIGION...It dear no tap yah so...But if you go Outlet, it no so dear...So I will forgive you any of those if you dress it up wid pretty blouse.

You memba one time when people a go a foreign you DRESS UP?  Or you a go a church…you DRESS UP?  Nowadays, people wear anyting go pon plane and anyting go a church.  I don’t want to hear a thing bout…a nuh clothes you a go a church go worship…Dat’s true, but a Jesus…so a dat you tink bout him?  An me not talking the people who ‘can’t afford it’…a de one dem whey a make a statement...have on all slandaz a go a church!! (Jesus did wear slandaz but dat was de fashion of his day!!) Worse still, dem ago pon plane and have on any likkle ting…If you ever go to a airport, and see somebody look like me.  Walk like me.  Sound like me.  But a wear jeans and t-shirt and sneakers…A NO ME!  Me dress up like puss foot STILL when me ago pon plane.  Sometime de air hostess (yes, me still call dem air hostess)…sometimes the air hostess look well puzzled when me pass the first class cabin and gone round a back, cause a coulda neva economy ticket me a hold tan so! 



Word for today is EASTER (Oonu did a expect Easter...Don't?...well is EASTER...but dat mean dress up...which mean PITCHAS).



De people dem whey know me a ask me now when de bandage a come off.  Three a dem come ask me today.  De hand have a social life of its own.  It look like me haffi go keep its own diary and create its own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account…



When Jackie send me de pitchas of har tribe, me decide I'm going to create a new tab for just our offsprings.  So that should be up soon.  So any photos of them on their own...please send, they will have their special tab!


Till Tomorrow…(please tek photos over Easter weekend pleeeeze and don't leave dem pon oonu fone...send it to me!)


Friday March 25, 2016
Passion of Our Christ.  De Air Hostess and De Drugs.  Outta Order Camperdown...PITCHAS!!
A Wonderful Saturday Fellow Classmates,


Hope you had a blessed Good Friday.  For the first time in my 50 years I have not had Bun and Cheese AND fish over Easter!!!!  I am distressed! But, so it go when God carry you go live eeena bush…



I feel compelled to place a visual reminder of our Lord’s suffering and the reason for the current weekend.  Oooh…It was a black Friday…But Sunday was a-coming!  When that Sunday dawn arrived, our Lord Jesus arose…so reflect on this video.

News Roundup…had to include dis one…especially as the drugs air hostess did deh pon it.



Faith Francis in da house!!!  Faith Whatsapp me pitchas…and check to make sure I get them!!!  Thank you Faith….Hope you can meet with the New York Linkup ting on Saturday 2nd April.  I think we better put some flesh on the date/time.  Me getting old(er) so me caan stay out dem bad 2 and 3am no more.  So going have to be lunch/drinks…or dinner/drinks…home by 10 p.m.!!!  Going to sort out by no later than Monday.



First of all…why dem don’t stop call up call up Jamaica and Jet Blue name wid dis drugs air hostess?  For the record, she was the SECOND runner up in the Miss Jamaica World, 2008 (When Brittany Lyons won).  If a exposure she did want when she did enter Miss Jamaica World, well she get it now!  As an observer, certain tings play out dat could only be from a Jamaica reporting perspective.  NUMBA ONE: why when something happen, we have fe focus pon de brand name.  If two ooman a ghetto a fight you hear one onlooker say ‘she tear off har VICTORIA SECRETS panty’…why not just ‘panty’?  When dem did make Rosie house flood out Rosie did make sure tell dem say ‘a no TUTTY GRAN’ TV or TUTTY GRAN whatnot..a Name Brand tings…SO back to the story…Why dem focus pon de fact she kick off har Gucci shoes and run gone!!  Dem a focus pon de Gucci shoes instead a focus pon de 'run gone.'  NUMBA TWO: All de same doah, foreign police too big and wutless, because if a did Jamaica dat, as big as him is, Bigga Ford woulda ketch har, or Trinity woulda shoot har lng time.  Which part a Jamaica you hear badman a run lef police?  A lie you a tell.  Long time shot lick an one gun drop beside har.  So pon top a de drugs, gun charge a reach har too.  Oonu memba whey me did say bout pretty dunce Miss World?  Hmmmm….NUMBA THREE: Den a how dem say she a talk inna foreign language?…A patois de chile a talk!!  You ever deh a foreign and walking wid you Jamaican friend and see one born and grow foreigner and just start walk beside dem and all chat dem just so inna patois?  Me and me sister use to all stan up right in front a people face and stare straight eena dem face and smile and chat dem inna patois.  We use to all chat we pickney dem in front a dem too, but dem kinda did ketch up so we haffi stop…..I digress, Miss lady realize she ago get ketch so she call up whoever an mussi a drop de patois…dem say she a talk inna foreign language. KMT.  NUMBA FOUR: A de first time she get ketch…A NO DE FIRST TIME SHE DWEET!!  Because fe de first time you coulda neva so big and bright fe carry so much….you woulda start likkle likkle…But all de same doah, either she or har supplier annoy somebody…because me a travel fe 34 years, sometimes all 8 times fe de year and me NEVA YET, have dem pull me out a line BEFORE me check een…dat deh buss deh did have har name pon it!!  NUMBA SIX: Den a which part har people dem find half a million fe de bail money?  Den if dem did have dat dey kinda money, she neva need fe a carry drugs, dem coulda did just give it to har in de first place.

Ten story inna one…But Camperdown no easy?  Dem ago seek injunction fi stap school challenge!!  But you see me dying trial?!  Yes, there may have been an error, but a when since Court and lawyer come into dis?  Since when Jamaican school have money fi hire ‘Star Bwoy’?  When dog have money him buy cheese!  Teacher pay likkle bit and oonu a look fe sue School Challenge.  As me say, there may have been an error, but sort it out with TVJ.  A TVJ something, a no fe public!  So if TVJ say sorry, a deh so it done.  Because TVJ can decide next year dem not doing it!



Ladies and Gents, its Easter.  Pretty clothes always wear.  Pretty hat always wear.  Lets try and put on our pretty pretty, and take some pretty pitchas……….Say CHEEEEESE..........PLEEEASEE




Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Pitchas & Driving Directions

A Blessed Easter Sunday Dear Classmates,

…and it goes like this….”…You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.  He has risen! (Mark 16:6)…So today we celebrate that rising……..as Passion Week comes to a close I give you an appropriate music selection on the Homepage.

………….From Monday onwards ……. Send your music requests to the Selector so that I can return to the song per day.  If not…I just gwaan put something.



Me see some of you getting really good!!!  Me see pitchas a post like nobody’s bizniz.  Jennifer Beckford, Jackie Davis, Jackie Francis, Hortense Bailey, Ann-Marie Wilson.  Thanks ladies!!  I am not seeing the man dem posting at all!!  Gentlement, please be encouraged…Get me de pitchas.

(By the way, if you upload and you not seeing your photographs, please ensure you click on all your photos till they have a green check mark in the top left hand corner.  Otherwise they will not show up)

Also, if you want to check out a Classmate page, just go to ‘CLASSMATE PROFILES’ (4th tab across the top), click on that, then just below the top box, type the name (first, last or both) in the SEARCH box and it will pop up.



This weekend in New York taking traction.  So far…have Ray Wilson, Karen Morgan, Faith Francis and now Jackie Golding!!!  Had a nice little chat with Jackie today.  Very good catching up.  So hopefully, next week dis time…we have photos (and some memes!).



Me get me Easter bun!!  Bwoy, if you a real Jamaican, bun and cheese and Easter is Standard.  Me haffi drive 45 minutes to one ‘black area’.  De one Maxfield bun cost $26 and half a Tastee cheese cost $23, not to mention de gas whey me bun go out deh go buy it.  But all when de bun taste like it reach Canada since beginning a March…I enjoyed it!!  But as me a drive and a see the signs whey say ‘EAST’ and ‘WEST’….you know…is something I NEVA get use to from me lef Jamaica.  Me use to Jamaica directions…not foreign one.  If me eena New York, me no want nobhaddy a tell me bout ‘come East on the Belt Parkway’…or if me inna Florida, “North on the Florida Turnpike”.  Me need dem fi say..Drive like you a come a Brooklyn.  Or drive like you a come a Plantation (me will sort out me East from me North meself).  But I digress... My directions is just like how me know it from Jamaica (funny enuff, in England, dem give directions just like Jamaica!)….So, go up the road, you see a blue shop.  Turn left.  Pass 3 house and a mango tree and is the pink house near de corna pon de right hand side…SIMPLE.  Now one time one of me friend daughter university fren come Jamaica (first time) pon holiday.  Him couldn’t wrap him head round de directions.  Him start question how, if you tell somebody fe turn by the blue shop…suppose the shop paint later on.  Me a look pon him like him mad…because to me…that is a category mistake question (kinda like when you pickney dem ask you which part inna you brain you mind deh)…Because to me…if you lef de shop blue inna 1981…when you come back a Jamaica inna 2016, de shop still (faded) blue!!  Fe show you whey me mean, me neva go to Denbigh Agricultural show from me born.  However, about 8 years ago, me decide fi go.  Marcia Edwards ago give me directions.  She did already reach…Believe me ladies and gents…dis is the directions Marcia give me….’Drive like you a go a Mandeville.  And when you get to de part whey police always a stop people, turn right, right dere so (BELIEVE ME!! A TRUE ME A TALK!).  Me mek de category mistake and say to Marcia, in disbelief…suppose no police no out deh?  …She couldn’t ansa, because my question neva mek no sense.  I shall tell you…as I drove along…..POLICE OUT DEH A STOP PEOPLE!!...I turned right…and arrived at Denbigh Agricultural showground for the first time in my life…Jamaican directions work.  Anyway, de whole heapa GPS and SatNav nowadays mean we don’t need East, West, North, South or the Blue shop.  But you notice how GPS carry you all round de worl”  One night me drive round Brooklyn fe nearly 30 minutes a look fe one place I was 5 minutes I was away from…still…so it go.




Yes, I am back on that.  To start it off right, I will put up my Easter Church one tomorrow.  So…Ladies and Gents, its Easter.  Pretty clothes always wear.  Pretty hat always wear.  Lets try and put on our Easter Church clothes and take some pitchas……….please



....Marcia Edwards.....



Again, I am appealing to forward the site link to persons you know who are not on the site.  It is now easier to remember…STCHS82.com…let them be a part of it.


Thanks…and tomorrow……..


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Get Interactive & The Liad Prayer

Happy Monday Classmates

If you live in Jamaica or England…YOU STILL DEH PON HOLIDA...YAAAYY!…Because a BIG Easter Monday….If you live in North America…you salt … today a no holiday (unless you in Canada and work for government).  Either way…Enjoy and give thanks.



Coleen has reminded me to add Noel Crooks to guest.  However, she has mentioned a new name I never hear before…Anybody else remember the name PETER CHANCE?  She said he left in Grade 7 to go abroad.  If anyone else remembers…I will add him.



I am dedicating Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’…from all of us…to all our children.  I think it sums up how we feel about them!  Today’s meme is Hortense…me begging oonu…please find de people dem who go school wid we…if you deh pon facebook…dem deh deh…send the link…Don’t be scared!



Please use the MESSAGE FORUM and the MEMBERS’ CHAT to communicate and connect.  Let me know your views on what’s being said.  What other’s are saying….and make the conversation two-way.  I see Marcia and Hortense know what I mean about the GPS a carry you all over the place…Me like how Marcia say ‘..The GPS lost we’…



Today as me talking to Marcia, she say she hurrying as she want reach church early.  Den we start chat people who turn up late.  I have a church friend in England name Valerie, if late-ing was an Olympic Event, Valerie coulda late for England and medal.  She used to work a one place.  Har regular time was 8:30.  Every morning she turn up a de people dem work 8.45.  Dem change it to 9…every morning afta de change, she turn up 9.15.  Dem change it to 9.30.  she start come 9.45…FINALLY, de people dem change it to 10 and tell har fi tek half hour lunch.  But Val have lateness down to a science…Just to show you how good she is at late-ing, she a usher at church, so she suppose to be in position a greet people when dem come in.  Most time dem a greet she when she a come in.  But I digress…


Anyway, she did a work ok wid de 10.30 work schedule, but den de inevitable happen…she on har way to work one morning and siddung inna de car at one light at around 5 past 10.  Den now she start what I call de ‘Liad Prayer’…at some point in everybody life, dem pray de Liad Prayer (Lawd, if you give me de strength fe lef da wicked man yah, me won’t talk to him again.  If you mek me hair grow back, me naw go back to dat hairdresser deh…but bam, Mr Man call, you run gawn back.  De hair grow back, you run gone mek Miss Ting go put bad cream inna it again…then same ting happen again…So…you a pray Liad Prayer)…But I digress…so Val siddung inna traffic a beg God if she reach on time, she naw go late again!  But is already 5 past…but den she kick de Liad Prayer up a notch…she a ask God if him can just supernaturally make har car fly inna de air, go over de car dem pon de road, get her to work and back de clock so she reach before 10!!  When she tell me I just looked at her in disbelief…Hear har…But God can do anyting…Me say to har…You tek God fe poppyshow?  Him mek de people dem mek you start work one an a half hour afta you regular time, and you ago put foolishness to him?  Well suffice it to say, de car neva fly dat day, but pastor write one long email to the Usher Team, a drap wud pon ‘Ushers who are late’.  Bearing in mind a Val one ever a run late, she take one piece of offence, push up har mouth and start turn up pon time.  Nowadays, she reach 15 minutes early!



I have uploaded my Easter Sunday church photo…begging you to do the same.  Thanks to Carol Richards for her photo!!  Uploading that.  Let me see you strut your stuff guys.



……. PLEASE….

…….Use in a Sentence:   PLEASE upload your pitchas, or send them to me to upload


I look forward to looking at pitchas…till tomorrow……..