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These are the teachers who impacted the lives of the 1982 graduating class over the 5 year period from 1977 through 1982 in alphabetical order.  (Please email me with your suggestions for addition including subject taught):

Mr. Allen - Electricity/Electrical Installation

Mr. Milton Baker - Form Teacher & Mathematics

Mrs. Colleen Brown

Mrs. Hyacinth Cameron - Form Teacher & Principles of Business

Mr. Chambers - Agriculture

Miss Debbie Cole

Mrs. Copeland-Grant

Miss Janet Davis (deceased) - Form Teacher & English/Drama

Miss Yvonne Davis - English and Geography

Mr Dinnal - Agriculture

Mrs. V. Duff

Mrs. Diana Duffus (Baker) - History and Geography

Miss Green - Religious Education/Mathematics

Mr Jackson - Religious Education

Mr. Johnson - Science

Mrs. Yvonne Keane-Dawes - History

Mrs. Lambert

Miss Lee

Mrs. McHugh - Form Teacher

Miss Laverne Miller - English

Mrs. Mills

Mrs. Needham Brown

Mrs. Poyser

Mrs. Ross - Home Economics

Mr Smikle (deceased) - Form Teacher & Science