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06/06/16 05:47 PM #314    


Paul Brown



Hope the link above works. Big up u self fi real Noel.


The lyme will be great another build up to 2017.  Sunday in the Las Williams Park. The very classy gazebo upfront which also serves as a study area but great for fucntions. 


Nutten formal just fun. Hope the llocla people treat me like Ms. Cleo an caal mi. Marcia Newell -and bring a next 82 somebady. 







07/06/16 07:45 PM #315    


Jennifer Housen

Hi Paul,

Trying to call you all day.  I am thinking to postpone this until around the 12th July (yes..I know its a weekday), but children will be out of school, and the place will be free, and Marcia is going back to Canada Sunday but should be back by July.  Also Sharon Thompson will be here and possibly others from 1982 might be visiting.  So it will give more time to 'corral de place from head to de grung'....

I'm thinking we could get some people despite short notice but can get more with a little more notice.


08/06/16 08:49 AM #316    


Jennifer Housen

Hi Andrea Thomas, Jennifer Beckford, Paul Brown.  Is there any possibility of meeting up this weekend?  Really want to iron out some stuff regarding the planning for next year.


My number is 466-6671.

08/06/16 09:08 PM #317    


Georgia Ellis (Donaldson)

My darling Noel gave us four words on the site!!!!

If I recall well, we used to say 'Noel faas eeh' but at that time we were no thinking drag racing.

Congrats sir.

I will be home for a family wedding on July 23...will miss another lime.  Mi foot short fi real.









08/06/16 10:18 PM #318    


Hortense Bailey

Gigi that is well said. Guess I will mad the Lyme too I won't be there until July 28.

08/06/16 11:10 PM #319    


Paul Brown

Jennifer we spoke got very busy today and had to do a class at UWI. Was trying to get people together for Saturday as we suggested. So far Jennifer B. Jackie G. Errol, Noel all say yes.. Jen should rope in Lyndon Errol Desrene and Nole to get Wayne. Me think Andrea would be in. 

I see Gig and Hortense coming in July. 

I suggest me bless up the place Satruday then mess it up July (school will be out.). If we can pull of Satruday July (late) should be a riot. 


BTW calling no answer. Nuh tell me the veteran gone sleep before 10 p.m. :) 

09/06/16 03:23 PM #320    


Paul Brown

Howdy Peeps,

Hope u all having a good day. 

So it look like an early July thing. More anon. Some people foot still short. :) 


Phlitia Dean joined the site. Hope she come in the forum. Trying to rope in Sylvia Jones.

09/06/16 03:26 PM #321    


Jennifer Housen

OK Paul...further to our last convo....Saturday have to be off...too short notice.  But actually planning for JULY 9, 2016, 3 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.  Gazebo at STCHS.  Unfortunately I have to get back to England before my son's birthday which is July 16th...I don't miss it cos a one pickney me have so a no like me can leave it for de next pickney birthday.  Florence and Rome awaits us (As well as TGIF!!)


For the date, can confirm for certain (God Willing and Life Spare) Me, You, Andrea Thomas, Jennifer Beckford, Marcia Edwards, and Erica Bubb-Clarke.  Depending on who visiting at the time, and let's try and get those closer to home...so Sylvia, Desrene, Marcia Nicholl, Marcia Newell.  Check if Ray will be in town.  I know Thompson coming but she won't get to Jamaica till July 11th.  So if there is a later 'Summer Lyme' I can't make.


So Food - I will be in the driving seat (Me naw cook - me a get smaddy dweet.  Me can cook, but me a big big lawya me no need fi tan up ova no stove.)

Bring drinks and de music and yuhself!

09/06/16 03:35 PM #322    


Jennifer Housen

People....We have started a Whatsapp Group.  If you in me, Andrea Thomas, Paul Brown or Jennifer Beckford phone, we will add you and keep you updated.


09/06/16 04:04 PM #323    


Jennifer Housen

Georgia Ellis I need your number to put on Whatsapp.  Colleen Coleman...you not on whatsapp?  Not seeing you coming up on my fone which is strange.  

09/06/16 04:14 PM #324    


Paul Brown

Well me just talk to Phlitia first in how many many moons. Great. 


But unu see this nuh sooner than me talk bout Philitia in d group a man call me fi har number... nah cal nuh name. 

But fi real....... Ms. Dean was one of those girls u had to admire if u did intrested in d farier sex any at all. (hot girl long before dem start talk bout hot)  

July 9 will be fine!!!

So far me seeing 18 potentail attendees. Rope in all we can, 

So Jennifer H naw tan up a nuh stove!! But a wah dis tho fada!!


09/06/16 07:54 PM #325    

Phillitia Dean

Thank you guys. It's nice to be on here again. JH and Pablo bless up unuh nice clean self.
Noel Rhone call me and it felt like the good ole catherine days....naw lie.
Me excited, is like me find back something real special whe me did loss from 1982
Me love the link up. Anticipating the live one
Every blessings my friends.


17/06/16 03:30 PM #326    


Jennifer Housen


I am thrilled, happy and excited at the inroads we have made over this past week or so.  To have pulled people from all over into a loving, blessed and genuine environment cannot be put into words.  If you are not in the whatsapp group at present...you are missing 34 years of your life.  Please send me an email with your telephone number so that I can include you.  Believe me...you will not regret it.

07/07/16 11:46 PM #327    


Sonia Johnson (Buckland)

HI everyone. I am planning to be at the lyme but I am not seeing any more updates. Is it stiil on Saturday at 4pm at St. Catherine High?

08/07/16 10:35 AM #328    


Andrea Thomas (Edwards)

Good Morning Sonia,


Yes dear, the lime is still on. Same time, same place. See you there.

08/07/16 10:44 AM #329    


Andrea Thomas (Edwards)

Sonia, we are all on a watsapp group thats where most of the information is being posted about the lime. We are also having lots of fun intracting and catching up with each other. We would love to have you joining in. Just send me your number so you can be added.

10/07/16 06:04 PM #330    


Sonia Johnson (Buckland)

 HI friends thanks for that lovely time of reunion it is something to be remembered.

You can add me to the whatsapp group using this number: 407-5317.

10/07/16 10:18 PM #331    


Georgia Ellis (Donaldson)

Hi Sonia,

Glad you went to the lime and had a good time.  

How is your family?

11/07/16 09:54 PM #332    


Sonia Johnson (Buckland)

Hi Georgia it was really a special occation I see classmate that I have not seen in 34 years.The venue itself brought back special memories.You should have been there.How is your family doing? Sarah is doing well, God has been good.  

12/07/16 03:47 PM #333    


Georgia Ellis (Donaldson)



I see your family all dressed in the Jamaican colours!!!  Love it.

14/07/16 09:18 AM #334    


Paul Brown

Gigi how u stay so far and see that. 

The lyme was awesome indeed. Was great to see all, just fun no worries. 



16/07/16 05:15 PM #335    


Carol Morgan (Francis)

Good evening fellow class mates. I have gone through the electronic year book and find out that some classmates are omitted.
I did not see Joan Flowers, and the other lady that I am looking for.
Did we get all the grades in?
Is there any way some one could double check

20/07/16 01:26 PM #336    


Paul Brown


The list for the site was done using the listing from our graduation programme.

The year book did not have anumber of people as we discovered at our social a few weeks ago. Not sure the reason so many people were omitted from the year book

But not being on the graduation list would have meant that person did not particpate in the graduation excercise for a number of different reasons. 

28/07/16 08:09 PM #337    


Jennifer Housen

Hi Guys,

First, let me apologise for my absence.  Going to Jamaica and working took over, and then coming back to the UK and working...somewhat similar.  But things settling now and getting back to some 'ME' time.

As I get so drawn into the Whatsapp group it has been phenomenol!  We are now over 80 persons and growing!!  

The information is now out for the Reunion.  I am hoping and looking forward to everyone being there.  It will be a weekend full of fun...not just one day!

07/02/17 09:01 AM #338    


William Henry (Henry)

So this is where you guys use to hang out before WhatsApp 😁.. reading all the earlier comments and dying of laughter. You guys are the best. Jennifer H your uncle is the best "only clock work past midnight" Jennifer H I'm so amazed how you know where everyone is. Don't get swell headed now but you are an amazing woman. I'm just hoping our Reunion goes better than we have planned. All the best peeps.

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